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"It tastes amazing! Especially when I'm eating it with my mum's cooking, the sort of spice that leaves you literally craving for more! I love it!"


"The garlic chilli is a must. It has that extra kick for the meals and it’s so tasty and good. My favourite has gotta be the garlic chilli with shrimp!! 💯"


"I’m addicted to this garlic chilli. I can’t resist it and put it in almost every meal!"

Nurul Hakimin

"I like that the Garlic Chilli is really appetising and easy to eat. I can just put it on my plate and dip with my meat right away. Only tried the one with Shrimp and it’s quite aromatic. Also glad that it’s not overly garlicky; just nice. My father likes it a lot! Keep adding to his rice 😂 First day and it's already half gone omggg!"

Professional Headhunter


Hungry to explore? At WILD FOOD, we promise to bring you on a “tongue blowing” adventure where mouthwatering sauces and hit-the-spot condiments await. Here, you’ll get to relish in luscious, fragrant and never bland tangs – all the much-needed flavours to add to your everyday dishes (and life) for an extra “kick”! We genuinely believe good food makes people happy, ultimately, more productive. As such, to bring out the “EAT-FECTIVEness” in everyone, we’ve set our hearts on creating products that are moreish, fuss-free, and easy to consume. Now, whenever you look to spice things up in life, just remember: Go WILD, #StayWILD!

** “WILD FOOD” is an F&B establishment by FEED FORWARD GROUP. They are a loud, free and atypical brand determined to create food + tech solutions for “effective eating”. **

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